Pellowah is a highly focused energy healing technique, designed to create a shift in perspective and allow you to view life experiences with objectivity. It is fast and effective and produces impressive results in people that want to move forward in their lives but are being held back due to a lack of clarity and vision.

Pellowah is an angelic word that means “Radical shift in Consciousness”. This type of non-contact healing technique is focused on the auric field of the client. The healing energy works to release blockages or imbalances, enabling the meridians and centres to realign. Pellowah creates a space within you, so you can view everything from a different perspective, creating space for unlimited options in your life.

Pellowah will align you with a higher energetic frequency, expanding your consciousness bringing clarity of mind, giving you an objective view of any critical life-changing decisions you may need to make. This healing therapy is effective in removing emotional blockages preventing you from fulfilling your real potential.

Benefits of Pellowah Energy Healing

  • Promotes clarity of mind, particularly in a crossroads situation as it dissolves negative thinking and obsolete mental processes
  • Increases energy levels and stamina by rebalancing the natural energy flow within the main energy centres (chakras) and energy channels (meridians/nadis)
  • Helps clear any attachments affecting the auric field which manifest in physical pain
  • Assists in repairing the auric layers
  • Clears any stagnated energy within the main energy centres (chakras) and removes any energetic blocks affecting the energy channels or meridians
  • Expands the mind consciousness, bringing more objective thinking
  • It clears any mental/spiritual/emotional/energetic blockage or “debris” within the energy field of the individual
  • Because Pellowah vibrates at a high frequency, it can assist in the healing of any chronic conditions that other energy healings, such as Reiki, are not able to help clear

To book a Pellowah session, or if you have any questions regarding how Pellowah can boost your perspective on current life events, reach out to Mazona and discover how she can help.

$85 per hour