Equine Reiki


Reiki is an ideal treatment for horses. It can be given to any horse under virtually any circumstances and is particularly useful for fearful, wild, or dangerous horses that cannot be approached.

Reiki doesn’t cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yet yields robust results. For horses that are ill or injured, Reiki can assist physical healing as well as provide pain relief. For example, Reiki can speed recovery from tendon or ligament injury, laminitis or colic, it can also ease suffering for horses with arthritis by providing pain relief and reducing inflammation.

Highly-strung or stressed horses can benefit significantly from the soothing, calming effects of Reiki by helping them to relax and gain a sense of peace, making it particularly useful for horses who experience fear, aggression or anxiety. Because of its gentle nature, Reiki can be highly beneficial for horses who have suffered abuse or emotional trauma by helping the horse to heal emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki can ease the dying process for horses through offering relief from pain, fear and anxiety. It also provides comfort and support, not only for the horse but its human companions as well.

Reiki offers a natural alternative for reducing stress and improving health and wellbeing. Treatments can be utilised for general relaxation or specific health conditions including but not limited to the following:

Benefits of Equine Reiki for horses:

  • Reduces stress & behavioural issues
  • Eases pain & inflammation
  • Works to soften tight muscles or restricted movement
  • Assists flexibility & balance
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Speeds recovery from illness, injury or trauma
  • Improves confidence
  • Helps gain peak performance
  • Eases pre-competition stress
  • Speeds up post-race recovery

Mazona has worked with several high-profile clients including Sovereign Hill estate in Ballarat. Working with the horses at Sovereign Hill, Mazona successfully resolved behavioural issues, supported healing after injury, and determined the need for various health services to address health issues she uncovered. Mazona worked with new horses at Sovereign Hill and was fundamental in ascertaining any behavioural or physical problems impacting the horse’s ability to work safely.

Mazona now has numerous equine clients she regularly treats, both in person and via distance healing, ranging from young racehorses to old ponies.

As a complementary therapy, Reiki safely supports all other healing modalities, including Western medicine, and will complement any veterinary care your horse may be receiving. Reiki may also be utilised if you’d like to try a more natural approach to improving your horse’s health, or when your horse hasn’t responded to other treatments.

To book an Equine Reiki session, or if you have any questions regarding how Equine Reiki can help deepen the bond between you and your horse, reach out to Mazona and discover how she can help. We are happy to travel to remote properties, however, travel over 50km from Speewah will be subject to an additional travel fee.

$85 per hour