Amethyst Crystals in an aqua cyan bowl on wooden floorboards, textured vivid colours


Crystals have been used for centuries as tools for healing and increasing levels of awareness, with each stone selected for its unique frequencies and properties. Crystal Reiki utilises the vibrational properties of different crystals and amplifies them through the power of Reiki energy. By infusing these powerful vibrations with the consciousness of Reiki energy, the energy shifts for our clients can be targeted and profound.

In a Crystal Reiki session, intuitively selected crystals will be placed in a specific layout around and on the recipient. The Reiki energy flows through the crystals and, similar to sunlight shining through a crystal prism, creates an energetic resonance within the recipient that their body can use to redress imbalances.

Crystal Reiki differs from crystal healing. A Crystal Reiki practitioner uses Reiki energy to create a state of presence that is focused and accesses a higher level of consciousness. This presence holds the space for Reiki energy to activate and amplify the crystal energy for a specific purpose so that the desired outcome can be achieved.

Benefits of Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki includes the benefits of Traditional Reiki in addition to the following:

  • Specific crystals are used during the Reiki session to target specific areas of healing
  • Crystals aid in the clearing of negative energies
  • The use of crystals magnifies the Reiki energy, therefore increasing the amount of Reiki energy received by the client
  • The use of crystals increases the grounding energy received by the client
  • Crystals used during the healing can be programmed to support the client’s ongoing healing after the session

If you have questions about Crystal Reiki and how it can help you, or you want to book a Crystal Reiki session, get in touch with Mazona at Kimora Reiki and book a consultation today.

$85 per hour