Chakra System and Anxiety – the Resolution Lies Within


Anxiety is an irrational response that grips the sufferer in any number of situations. People suffer from anxiety while sitting at the traffic lights, meeting friends, or cooking the evening meal. The reality is, anxiety can strike at any time with no warning and seemingly without any rational trigger.

It’s this irrational pattern that makes anxiety so hard to deal with and ultimately treat. Traditional methods of dealing with anxiety include medication and counselling. These approaches may work for many people, but there is a high proportion of people for whom these methods don’t work, providing no resolution for this debilitating emotional and physical state, and leaving sufferers feeling confused and helpless.

In my experience, some sufferers have supportive families and stable carers, culminating in the ‘perfect life’ but still, they suffer from anxiety. This support from the external, whilst excellent, also leads to the sufferer feeling guilty and raises more anxiety provoking questions like:

“My husband and kids are awesome, why can’t I just be happy”?

“My career is great, I have all that I want, why can’t I just be content and at peace”?

These questions are added to the mental melting pot of chatter that already exists in the mind of somebody dealing with anxiety.

Having specialised in anxiety using Reiki and Clairvoyant Energetic Readings to identify what is going on in the body of an anxiety sufferer. I have discovered that the answer to anxiety lies in the energetic system of the individual. This is important, with traditional methods the focus is on the brain. These treatment methods encourage the engagement of the brain to explain how a sufferer is feeling to cognitively connect anxiety attacks to situations. Once situations provoking anxiety have been identified, they are discussed in some logical way and resolved to a point, in some circumstances those anxiety creating situations may be able to be avoided in the future, so an attack doesn’t happen again.

However, when an attack does happen again, in another situation. In response, the sufferer follows the same technique to cognitively dissect the situation and avoid that situation in the future. In the end, there is a lot of dissecting and a lot of avoidance happening. This ultimately leads to more chatter and isolation as the sufferer’s world becomes smaller.

Anxiety Triggers

Sometimes there is a trigger, the starting point where it all began but anxiety didn’t appear at this time, anxiety seemed to come from nowhere at a much later date with no warning. The truth is, the trigger, such as a death where the sufferer became the carer for those left behind, the one giving the hugs, making the arrangement and putting plans in place to care for everybody beyond the grieving period, was where the journey to anxiety began, although not experienced until much later.

This person ultimately deferred the grieving process at the time so that they could operate without falling apart. Therefore, the time from the trigger, in this case, a passing, to the time where the person would have been able to grieve; because everybody else was ok, becomes so long that cognitively the person is sad but actually not grieving the same way they would have at the time.

This deferral of grieving means that the emotional pain is trapped in the energetic system, hello anxiety!

Sometimes anxiety is created through a collection of small triggers, so small in fact, cognitively we don’t even recognise them. I have seen in healings, that in this case there is a disconnect between our personality traits. Everybody has personality traits, but those traits are in different quantities to the next person, hence everybody being unique and why some people get upset over things that others just shrug off.

Personality Trait Disconnection

So, everybody has many traits but the best way to describe the disconnection is by using 3 overarching traits. Say your main traits are “to find humour in situations to really enjoy laughing”, “to be serious and really view every situation objectively, to cut through the fluff and get to the main point of situation or people”, “to be incredibly empathic” these three traits are awesome when they work together, without conflict when they are called upon easily to resolve, understand and enjoy. However, with anxiety, there is a disconnection between the traits the retrieval of traits to deal with a situation is delayed in that delay, in pops anxiety leaving the sufferer unable to deal with a seemingly simple situation.

What on Earth Can Reiki and Clairvoyant Energy Reading Do?

Well, the answer is, provide a resolution! When working with Clairvoyance and Reiki, I can access the energetic system, therefore, bypassing the cognitive reasoning; let’s face it, mostly contradictory chatter that the brain engagement creates. I can access the chakras where our true energetic story is stored and replayed from. I am able to gather information related to trait disconnection and connect them, I am able to release grief from the energetic system in a safe and supportive way, paying great respect to the amount of hurt caused by a past situation, that wasn’t released at the time for what ever reason.

What Next?

I believe, having helped so many people release pain and connect with themselves, that the key to anxiety is truly in our energetic system and not in the brain at all. In fact, it is my experience that when we try and treat anxiety in the brain it only serves to make matters worse.

Of course, having a Reiki session either in person or by distance (Yes, distance Reiki is just as effective!) would be immensely beneficial this is an option most wouldn’t know about as a resolution to anxiety, I also know that people suffering from anxiety see this as the most stressful thing ever. I mean isn’t there enough going on without adding all this energy stuff as well! If you fall into the first part of this paragraph, then give me a call so we can chat to see how I can help you (free no obligation) for those of you that fall into the second part of this paragraph a really good place to start is chakra meditations.

What? Meditation? I don’t have time for that!

Well, I hear your frustrations there is so much dogma around meditation, it really has become a competition centred around who can sit for longer, who can see the most vivid colours, or who flew around the world ten times and who reached spiritual enlightenment first!

Luckily for you, when meditation is stripped back to the bare bones it is really easy! In order to begin balancing your energetic system, lay in bed, put on a chakra balancing meditation (millions of them on the web), and simply listen. The wonderful thing about this is you can listen to the first bit and fall asleep! While your brain is asleep your energetic system is free to listen, respond and heal. Isn’t that cool! No hours of sitting and getting a sore bum, no time for your brain to engage and rationalise you out of trying, just you asleep healing!