Carillon Bowl – Sound, Vibration, Healing


There is nothing more vibrationally uplifting than playing my Carillon Bowl at sunrise, surrounded by the silence and exquisite beauty of Mission Beach.

I came across this exceptional bowl whilst on a course on the Gold Coast. It was love at first sight, so much so I recorded the sound the demonstration bowl made and listened to it every night while I eagerly awaited the delivery of my own bowl some weeks later!

The Carillon Bowl is a large crystal bowl different in shape and sound to signing bowls or chakra bowls. This bowl is derived from an ancient artefact found in Egypt. The unique sound that emanates from this bowl is set in the Key of David (G/F#), which NASA astronauts have measured and say is the sound plant earth makes in outer space.

Made from 100% pure quartz crystal and expertly crafted, the Carillon Healing Bowl has been tuned to a frequency which helps to promote a sense of wellbeing, lightness and balance. The special vibrations of the sound effortlessly penetrate your body to shift energy and assist in healing on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. Ultimately facilitating the natural healing ability of your body.

I use my bowl during various meditations to clear blockages, the sound literally captivates the attention of the listener so much so all thoughts melt away, only leaving space for growth and connection. Supporting the body to become an energy superconductor, strengthening the connection to healing energy. The sound of the bowl so powerful it literally allows the listener to explore new states of consciousness along with a new heightened awareness.