Energy Healing is an umbrella term used to group therapeutic healing practices that address physical, emotional, and mental trauma. Energy Healing can refer to many healing modalities including Reiki, Pellowah, Crystal Healing, and more.

Working under the principle that, from both a physical and spiritual perspective, human beings are made up of raw energy vibrating at different frequencies. Energy Healing therapies are designed to address the energy imbalances in the human body.

As a result of environmental and physical stress, mental illness, and the general toll life has on the body, it’s common for people to develop energy blockages, and for our energy centres, or Chakras, to become unbalanced.

Energy Healing therapies like Reiki and Pellowah can help to remove energy blockages and balance the body’s energy centres, helping to unlock the body’s natural ability to heal itself and set you on the path to physical and emotional well-being.

It is important to note that energy healing is not based on any religion or belief system. It is not possible for there to be any transference of energy between therapist and client. Energy Healing will safely support all other healing modalities including Western medicine, without interfering with any medicine or treatments.

Reiki is delivered while the client is laying on a massage table fully dressed with shoes removed for comfort, a blanket is available for warmth if required. Reiki energy is delivered by a sequence of hand positions along the body, starting at the head and finishing at the feet. The client can choose a hands-on or off treatment depending on personal preference; either way is just as effective. The session is accompanied by soothing music and lasts for an hour.

Pellowah is delivered in the same way as Reiki, but with two exceptions, Pellowah is performed with no accompaniment of music and is a hands-off therapy.

Both therapy session last approximately an hour.

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